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Intellectual Property Association SealThe Intellectual Property Association offers a number of Membership options for our current and prospective members.  We offer annual memberships for Intellectual Property Professionals, Corporations, Organizations, Intellectual Property Creators, and Students who are interested in learning more about issues and topics related to the field of Intellectual Property.  Please see the Table Below for more information about our Membership Programs and Annual Fees.


Intellectual Property Association Membership Programs
   Annual Student Membership  $50.00 USD
   Annual Individual Membership  $99.00 USD
   Annual Corporate Membership  $99.00 USD
   Annual Organization Membership  $99.00 USD
   Annual International Professional Membership  $99.00 USD
   Annual United States Professional Membership $499.00 USD

 Please use the Contact Form below to Contact the Intellectual Property Association about our Membership Options.  Our goal is to reply to all inquiries by telephone or email within one (1) Business Day of receipt.  To insure we are able to respond to your inquiry please fill out all of the applicable Contact Form Fields. Thank you for contacting us.


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