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Intellectual Property Association SealThe Intellectual Property Association offers Training programs, workshops and information about Intellectual Property for our Association's Current Members.   If you are not a Current Member of the Intellectual Property Association, please contact us to become a Member prior to scheduling a training, workshop, or requesting information .  Please click here for Membership Information.  We would be happy to schedule a consultation with our Current Members to discuss our Training Center.


In addition to our Training Programs, the Intellectual Property Association also offers a free Newsletter that provides interesting articles, resources, and information about Intellectual Property Issues.  Please click on the following link to Subscribe to our Newsletter

The Intellectual Property Association also accepts donations from individuals, corporations, and organizations to support our Training Programs, Resources, and Educational Materials.  Please click on the following link to Make a Donation to the Training Center

Please use the Contact Form below to Contact the Intellectual Property Association about our Training Center.  Our goal is to reply to all inquiries by telephone or email within one (1) Business Day of receipt.  To insure we are able to respond to your inquiry please fill out all of the applicable Contact Form Fields. Thank you for contacting us.


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